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NFL 1998 Super Bowl XXXIII Denver Broncos 18K Gold-Plated Championship Replica Fan Ring with Wooden Display Case

Real Handmade Rings with extremely high quality. Every Championship Ring spend 28 days through 14 working processes, we choose high strength and high quality alloy with 3 times electroplating. High quality crystal were selected and inlay on the top of every Championship Rings.
It is a great gift to your friends and families, also it is a wonderful collection for yourself, and it may conjures up your pleasant memories...
TeamDenver Broncos
YearNFL 1998 Super Bowl XXXIII
SizeUS11.0 | C64.7mm | D20.6mm
MaterialZinc Alloy, Crystal Stone
Weight~60g per ring
ShippingDHL Express, normally takes 3-5 business days. Won't deliver to PO Box. Please leave your street address for delivery.

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