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MLB 2016 Chicago Cubs World Series Championship Replica Zobrist Fan Ring with Wooden Display Case Box

The Chicago Cubs 2016 World Series Championship Ring commemorates the team's historic season that culminated in a ring that was 108 years in the making.The words WORLD CHAMPIONS surround the top and bottom edges of the ring with an antiqued finish. One side features the player’s name set atop the iconic “Fly the W Flag,”.The other side features the championship year 2016 above a silhouette of the Wrigley Field façade and marquee displaying the message CUBS WIN! A silhouette of the World Series trophy sits below the marquee with a large round white diamond set in the center signifying the 2016 World Series victory. On the palm at the bottom of the outer band is the team’s rallying cry “WE NEVER QUIT.”
TeamChicago Cubs
YearMLB 2016 World Series
SizeUS11.0 | C64.7mm | D20.6mm
MaterialZinc Alloy, Crystal Stone
Weight~60g per ring
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